Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Maria Mak - Burnaby Real Estate Agents - What is Greenrealestate?

Greenrealestate is in the business of making home energy conservation an intrinsic part of everyday life through the marketing and sales of more energy efficient new and resale homes. A synopsis then provides that Greenrealestate™ goals are to:

help reduce energy waste through increased energy conservation,

promote environmental awareness,

reduce monthly home energy costs,

lead to increased sale prices of Greenrealestate™ certified homes,

help leave the world a better place for future generations,

reduce energy reliance on offshore interests.

Greenrealestate understands how to maximize the economic value of your clients property by emphasizing energy conservation strategies that increase your clients homes resale value.

Greenrealestate is an innovative program designed to set your clients home apart from the rest, increase its selling price, reduce its selling time while helping to green the planet.

Whether you clients are thinking of selling today or in the future the Greenrealestate™ program makes good economic cents:

1 Saving money on energy costs in the short term,

2. Selling your clients home for more money in the long term,

3. Helping to fight climate change ,

4. Protecting the natural environment ,

5. Improving air quality.

Did You Know?

Homes that are older than 25 years could potentially save an average of
35% of their current energy use, and that homes that are 50 years old and
older can save an average of 38%. That’s a significant savings.

If you're interested to get an free energy conservation kit, or if you are thinking of buying and selling real estate, please contact Maria Mak at Sutton Centre Realty at 604-839-6368 or email me at, you'll be smiling too!

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