Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Maria Mak - Burnaby Realtor - We can make Impossible Possible

Maria Mak - Burnaby Real Estate Agent

Maria Mak - Artsy Real Estate Asian - Burnaby Realtor/Vancouver Real Estate Agent
Sutton Centre Realty

3010 Boundary Road
Burnaby BC V5M 4A1
(Office): 604-435-9477
(Cell): 604-839-6368

I was so glad to see the warm sun did pierce through the thick muddy cold fog this morning and started dancing happily on my desk while I was writing this blog.

The whole world was excited as today was the day of the inaugaration of the 44th President of the United States. I was deeply moved by Obama’s heartfelt address, I sincerely wish "HOPE" will bring the "Change" and the Change will eventually lead us out of the darkest chapter in our journey. It is real tough but we will get there.

I truly believe if we hold on to our dreams, we can make Impossible Possible…someday, somewhere, somehow, we will make it work, it will be , have to be!

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