Thursday, January 8, 2009

Maria Mak - Burnaby Realtors - Good morning Mother

Good Morning Mother, how I wish I could greet her every morning.

The armchair she liked so much and used to sit on it every morning, it looks like a skeletion staring at me now... no choice I am staring back at it,  maybe we are exchanging that hollow looks for the sake of my emptiness.

Ever sine she is gone with the favonian wind , there is always an empty hanger hanging in my closet...just for her, just for my mom.

It was her who told me everytime if I could save a dime, put it in my piggy bank and started saving and buying LAND. I have to thank my mom for stopping me to go to Paris to pursue my childish dream to become a painter.

I have been serving my clients with a big heart and with a big smile in Metro Vancouver since 1989. I am learning everyday to become a better realtor in order to serve my clients better.

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