Monday, December 15, 2008

Maria Mak - Burnaby Realtor - Melt the heart of Mr Snowman in this chilly chilly cold winter

Even though in this chilly cold cold winter morning minus 17 degree with wind chill factored in, I woke up with a cosy warm feeling in my heart.

Despite of all the negative bad news on our struggling economy , even the kid on the block and the doggie on the leash, are all talking about recession, depression, I firmly believe if you hold on to your DREAMS, step by step, day by day ...always... knowing truly one day, someday, you will get there and achieve all your goals. Yes...You can melt the heart of Mr Snowman in this deep freeze winter, heart to heart, toes to toes... oops! Yes... you can tackle and pull through all the difficulties in the uncertain future if you just believe.
Believe in yourself, be positive, be thankful, stay healthy, help the less fortunate, give generously, and be jolly for this coming happy holidays.
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